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While at work, I was recording some commericals when I came across one from Prevagen, which is a supplement to improve memory and protect the brain. There are a few different ones but I heard one that totally reminded me of the whole Gourry/jellyfish brains/slayers moments^^ Prevagen uses a protein found in certain species of jellyfish called apoaequorin. Its a calcium binding protein that helps reduce damage to cells that occur in aging. Some benefits of this product include better memory. I read this protein was found many years ago but I had never heard of it. I knew Gourry was smart! At times^^ He really is when he puts his mind to it!  This was just so out of nowhere and cute but I wanted to share it.
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I got back early wed morning from my 4 day trip to Leon, Gto Mexico. Its a city about 4 hours away from Mexico City. The flight was pretty good going there and back. Customs back in LAX sucked though. It seemed like they had only 1 person working when there was tons of people in line. Most of my mom's side of the family lives in Mexico, so it was great to see everyone again after a few years. Lots of cousins, aunts/uncles and my grandma. We stayed at my family's ranch near a town called Jesus de Monte, where a festival was going on. It was my first time at the festival and I really enjoyed it. I also got to visit Guanajuato, which is the capital of the state that I was in. Its a very old city with tunnels all around the city that you can drive, park and walk through, beautiful buildings/churches dating back hundereds of years old. I got to visit a monestary which used to be a torture like facility, an old mine, a museum filled with mummies and a delicious candy shop! None of my relatives there speak english so I realllly got to practice my spanish there. I understand more than I speak it but could easily communicate with them. I'm going to try and practice more so that I can get even better. Here are some pics of the Temple of Valenciana in Guanajuato and of the town. The temples and old monuments are soo beautiful. I hope to visit again soon! 

One of the stations where I work at, had a paranormal society come check our station building for ghosts and spirits. Im not sure if it cost anything, maybe just for fun. It seems alot of my coworkers have had close encounters with some strange things in the past years that they have worked here. One saw a man when she was in the bathroom, another heard a woman crying and one was pushed a little by some unknown force. Ive even heard some strange noises when I would work sometimes late at night there. So this group set up their equipment and cameras and we searched for ghosts. Well on the video screen and some pictures that they took, we saw like a orb like circle thing move and they said it could not have been dust or anything like that. oooooo  One of my coworkers told me that someone who used to work there, committed suicide i think a few years later after he left the station. They said that the ghost like apparition they saw, looked like him. I'm not sure I believe in ghosts and things like that but Ive always been fasinated by the paranormal, so it was a real treat to see ghosthunters in action.

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also posted to [info]theslayers

I was not sure if the slayers novel vol 10+ were translated and if so, does anyone have them or know where I can read them? I think some parts of the later vols were translated?? Tx in advance^^

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This is from:[info]dqbunny   

I promise to send something handmade to the first 6 people who leave a comment here. They in turn must post this statement and send something they make to the first 6 people who comment on their blog post.

The only other rules are that:

1) it must be handmade by you and,
2) it must be sent to your 6 people sometime within 2011.

I would like to make bracelets-with beads or other jewlery or small craft**


1. prettio
2. earthstar_chan
3. dqbunny

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Today I got the chance to hang out with Brenda, aka ([info]brendalawho is super nice and a good artist!^^  We live about 30 or so minutes from each other too!! We went to the mall, bought some anime dvds, talked about cartoons, conventions and slayers!! We also met a cute Russian man who was working at one of the kiosk's selling hair styling tools and was demonstrating his work on Brendala's hair! I reallllly liked his accent!! oooooo
I hope to hang out with her again soon!! 

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I have some anime dvds for sale. All are in good condition! Take everything for $25 shipped or make offers!  I have feedback on the community of serasell.
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One of my presents is parked in my driveway^^

merry christmas!
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Leave a comment saying, "IT'S FUWA FUWA TIME!" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

What yukinoomoni assigned me:

1. Lina/Gourry- Slayers all the way!!! When I first saw the show, i instantly fell in love with Lina and Gourry grew on me as i continued to watch the series. Now I love them both and I think they both are such awesome characters and they both share a connection that goes very deep and love eachother very much!! They are also so much fun to watch together!!  I love to watch the show over and over again and i love reading fanfics that fellow fans write. Its amazing what fans can imagine that these two can go through!

2. Fluffy Bunnies- I love bunnies!! I would have loved to have one when i was younger^^ Fluffy is such a cute name for one! My pillows are fluffy.

3. Devotion- I think im pretty devoted to my job in radio and I enjoy it very much, just at times, the eternal issues in it can get upsetting ,like any job i guess. Im eager to pursue new ventures in the entertainment industry and in my life, and i hope that all the experience and the knowledge that ive gained, will lead me to something more in this field and beyond.

4. Patience- I think im very patient. Having patience for something can make it even more grand and enjoyable when it finally happens!

5. Cheer- I like to cheer on my favorite sports teams and my fav couples!! I cheer for new fanfics. I can be very cheerful at times!

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Thanks to a cool promotion, I just earned enough miles for a one way ticket to Japan!!! I have an atm card that if i use as credit, can earn me miles whenever I use it. I bought a very tasty red electra wine from a local wine bar that one of my coworkers own. I hope to save some for thanksgiving!! Another 4,000 miles to go.....I was reading that I can actually buy miles to get what I need. Maybe it would cheaper this way than buying the trip back home?? Any thoughts??
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Have lots of treats!!!!
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