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A friend of mine has introduced me to the anime Soul Eater. So far so good! It reminds me of Bleach in a way.... Any thoughts??

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Here is a manga lot and anime book for sale. Everything is in good condition! The slayers book contains a poster and the chrono crusade manga was autographed by I belive the author, Daisuke Moriyama. Take the lot for $20 including shipping. I have feedback on the community of serasell. Picture may be off due to the light in the room.   
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So this last weekend, I was at anime expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Its been here for a few years and its not too far from where I live. My favorite part is the exhibit hall, where I spend tons of hours walking around and seeing everything they have for sale. I did get to see a few panels again this year like the funimation sneek peak and some others. I was not excited about the guest list this year so the exhibit hall was where I was at mostly. Its very hard to find items from older anime which I prefer, but I do love shows like one piece and I was not disapointed at the items they had from it. I was lucky to find the 3 slayers try anime books while searching through a big box so I was happy! I got to troll around the artist alley and picked up a slayers pic there as well!! One guest I was excited to see and lucky to get a chance to meet was the seiyuu of Piccolo from DBZ-  Toshio Furukawa! He's also the voice behind Ace from One Piece and many others. He was in the exhibit hall and I was able to get his autograph and a pic with him. He was super nice. On my badge this year, my nickname was Monkey D. Luffy from One piece and when he saw it, he recognized the name and said Luffy, and I said Hai! It was soo awesome!!

I like looking at all the cels they have and I saw a few slayers ones which were awesome to see! Also in the exhbit hall and has been for a few years now, booths selling vintage items from shows like rainbow brite, care bears and my little pony. He also had old lunchboxes from diffferent shows and some older comics too. The cast of one of the older seasons of the Power Rangers were there as well!! Some booths had no anime items at all. Some had jewerly and clothes so its become a different scene to me. Even some cosplayers were from characters from comic books and or other shows entirely- Disney movies, video game characters, even santa claus was there!  I don't mind but I heard some people talking in front of me while in a line saying that they didn't like it and thats what comic con and other comic book conventions are for. Cosplay is also big and I saw a majority of them from one piece, some sailor moon, naruto, utena, hettalia and yugioh which was surprising to me as I thought it wasn't that big anymore. I did see a xellos cosplay so that made me happy. No Lina this year though..... Not alot of free stuff being handed out this year so that was a bummer compared to last year. Overall, fun!!

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Im on my way to anime expo again!!! Here's hoping for a fun time!! It usually always is but I think this year is lacking good guests. There are a few this year, especially one or two that are good but......... I was hoping for some others. Its seems the smaller cons get better guests and this convention is supposed to be like the biggest, in my opinion.  Im hoping to see more slayers cosplayers and Im hoping to get some work done in the artists gallery finally!!  Namesake!! I want to see you here!!! hopefully one day^^
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Reply with "It's over 9000!" and I'll give you four fandoms.
Write about your favorite character from each fandom.

Here are the ones I recieved from-



1. Slayers- Lina Inverse

What can I say, she's too much! I adore her!!! She is so badass and powerful! She has a good heart and would sacrifice her life to save the ones she loves. I love reading fanfics about her and Gourry!! I like her voice actresses in english and japanese-Lisa Ortiz and Megumi Hayashibara!!!!! I reallly hope we get to see more of her in the future!!! I never get tired of watching her!!! 

2. Namesake-Warrick

I got this pic from the namesake page-book 1-main characters. Warrick the wicked warlock of the west. I like the name!  I think he's sexy in a way^^^ I must admit Im behind in the story but I like his persona from what ive read so far and look forward to catching up and learning more about him.

3. Sailor Moon- Sailor Saturn

Though I love sailor moon, I think sailor saturn is another of my favs. I wish we got to see her more in the anime because it would be interesting to see more of her as a character and how she would interact with everyone. I would have liked to see more of her powers also. I would have loved to see the battle with pharoah90 as well!

4. One Piece- Monkey D. Luffy

I love Luffy!!! Its been so incredible to watch his journey through 500+ episodes now. I really only watch the anime but have read some of the manga as well. He is the main character of one of the best anime/manga series ever, in my opinion.^^ He is another one of those characters that will risk it all for the people he cares about. He can be funny, happy in one scene, and totally serious in another. I'm soooo looking forward to seeing what the next half of the series will bring for him and his crew!


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Post a comment, and I will reply with one or two reasons why I think you're great. In return, you have to post this same meme on your blog and comment for other people.

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Which film starring birthday boy Johnny Depp is your favorite, and why?

I haven't seen alot of his movies but my favs that Ive seen are-

Donnie Brasco, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Ed Wood, Nick of TIme, From Hell, and of course all the Pirates!!! Ive also seen some episodes of 21 Jump Street too!  I agree with some and say that I don't think anyone else could have portrayed Jack they way he did! He made the character in my opinion and brought him to life!! I luv Johnny Depp forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Would anyone be interested in these vols of manga and an artbook?? $20-25 shipped. I have feedback on the community of serasell. They are all in good condition.

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In addition to life, which deserves its own post hopefully soon, My family and I have been taking care of a new addition to the family. I would like to introduce you all to Ally Suri, my niece. She has been staying with us since late March due to the earthquake/tsunami situation that occured in Japan. She lives with my sister and her husband who are stationed at Misawa AFB in Japan. My sister decided to send her here as a precaution because at times the base had no power, their resources were low and they were under a voluntary evacuation order. My sister also said at one point, she may have had to go to Korea and the baby could not go with her. So Ally traveled here to California via an escort. She was 6 months at the time. I first got to see her in person in December when she visited for the holidays and it was awesome to see how much she had grown in such a short time. She's a really happy baby who makes a mmmm sound when she sees cows^^ She also loves to watch sports, especially basketball. She moves her legs like she's running when we see the players run. Its too cute! While she has been with us, she's learned to crawl and even has her first tooth coming out! We continue to communicate with Skype so my sister has seen her grow. Its nice having a baby in the house. It changes everything. At first, she didn't want to sleep at night because I assume, she was not used to the time change from Japan, but now sleeps good.
From taking care of her, I fully realize how hard it truly is and why some people do change or leave their jobs/careers to become full time parents. Honestly, its something I'm not ready for at this time in my life. I'm really busy with my jobs/careers and I feel that its not the right time for me. One day but not yet. Im still trying to find that other person first......  My sister and her husband, who has returned from his tour in Iraq, will be here in the middle of June to visit and when they leave, Ally is going back to Japan. They will be stationed there until January 2012. After that, they will be coming to the states, though they are not sure where their next base will be yet. Its going to be very sad when she goes. In this short time, we have bonded even more and its been amazing having her here. I just heard that my sister is thinking of taking my other brother to Japan with her as a graduation present for a few weeks. I sooo want to go but I don't think I can leave work right now. I want to go while she is still stationed there. I think my next best bet would be sometime in September/October. I hope so. My sister says where she is, the situation has been improving, but Im sure there is still alot of work ahead. I had the opportunity in March to interview a representative from our local branch of the American Red Cross. It was for our community affairs program that I produce for one of my radio stations. It was a great interview and I felt honored to help get the word out for our community and the surrounding areas that this organization exists and is here to help people in need, in my city and all over the world. We spoke about the situation in Japan and encouraged people to help donate. I felt it was another way that I was helping the people of Japan. Ally is 8 months now and by the time she leaves, she will be 9 months. I think she is going to start walking pretty soon..... oh the fun awaits^^

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I have season 5 of the shield for sale on dvd. its in good condition. Im asking $12 shipped. I have feedback on the community of serasell. Pics are avaliable upon request.

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